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Forint method

The Forint method to express the best identity of a brand through professional clothing. In seven steps:


1. Briefing

Attention, dialogue, and confrontation are the basis of our service.

We know that every customer is unique and should be listened carefully to know, understand, and transform their needs into reality.


2. Design

Every Forint garment comes from the experience of our designers, experts in combining comfort, ease of maintenance, but above all good taste.
Indispensable qualities for professional suits of big companies that represent the tricolour excellence in the world.


3. Materials selection

Forint only chooses top-quality fabrics and accessories produced by major Italian brands from with consolidated experience.
Among these, the historical and timeless Marzotto fabrics. Materials that come from our surroundings, for clothes that can go a long way.


4. Tailored data collection

The collection of information on sizes and measurements is a delicate and difficult phase. Forint makes use of IT tools that speed up the operation, allowing greater accuracy in the production of prototypes and the storing of individual data for all the new supplies.
Any change of size can be reported and managed at a second moment in time, with consequent database update.


5. Tailoring

Each garment is cut and sewn to fit the person wearing it, allowing an ad hoc service for any physical structure.
The final recipient is indicated through a mechanised processing code, or, on request, with name and surname. The data of each garment is stored by the Forint IT department, and remain constantly available to the customer.


6. Delivery

The finished uniforms can be stored at the Forint offices located throughout Italy, or delivered to the customer premises.
Customers who prefer avoiding the storage of the goods can opt for individual custom kits containing the entire professional wardrobe, which will be delivered directly to the individual recipient address.


7. After sales

The Forint customers can interact with us through an IT portal that allows the data management of distribution and storage, online acquisition, and consultation of accounting information and dedicated reporting. All in real time.
With the specific online space, you can also request minor interventions for further customization.