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Forint Quality



Forint’s uniforms are born from a perfect combination: on one hand fabrics and top-quality accessories, on the other accurate cutting, tailoring, and testing processes.

The best materials and the most advanced technologies allow us to guarantee products that resist use and washing, ensuring colour resistance and stability of shapes and sizes.

Because the resistance of Forint’s garments is the result of a process that seeks excellence in every single step.



Forint’s origins date back to the seventies, when many companies with consolidated experience in the textile industry decided to join forces. Their goal was ambitious: to create uniforms for large and medium businesses. Thousands of custom-tailored clothes at the price of standard ones.

Since then, and since its foundation, Forint has been supporting an industrial production with higher quality standards, the same that have made Italian tailoring an international benchmark.

Because with effort and perseverance anything is possible.



Forint coordinates each step optimizing effectiveness and efficiency in the realization of the products. The goal is to obtain, maintain, and increase customer satisfaction.

The quality of Forint’s management is concrete and measurable, since as of 5 November 1999, we are among the companies in compliance with UNI EN ISO 9001, the most important certification among those attributed by the International Organization for Standardization.

Because our system is based on a proven success in the organization of company processes.



The strength of the service to the Forint customer? A widespread presence that covers the entire national territory.

Other than offering data collection at the customer premises, we rely on several offices located throughout the peninsula.

Because we always want to be close to our customers. As if we worked with them.