We dress the best

Welcome to the world of Forint. A world of strong identities represented at their best with clothes and work uniforms of higher quality.

A world where customer care is the beginning of a journey designed to demonstrate its uniqueness through a process made of trust, accuracy, and tailored solutions.

Thanks to a consolidated expertise gained through forty years of work and the latest technologies, Forint has accepted and overcame the most difficult challenge: to ensure industrial efficiency and speed while maintaining the class and attention to detail typical of the Italian sartorial legacy.

Because of all this, today, after forty years, we are proud to say: Forint, we dress the best.

Forint is committed to selecting only the best fabrics produced in our country, to put them in the trusted hands of trained and specialised workers in the territory, to tailor the garments in Italian offices.


We want our design to transmit the sense of good taste that characterises us and that made Italy an example for the world.

We do this because we are proud to work for companies that have their roots in this peninsula: companies and institutions that tell first-hand about the tricolour excellence. And, starting from this, we are ready to go very far.


Large Retailers, Airlines, Cruise ship companies, Railway companies, Passenger and Goods transport companies, Airports, Roads and Motorways, Recycling operatives, Local Police, Banking Institutions, Sports Federations, Military Corps, Hotels are our main operating sectors, without forgetting prestigious institutions such as Vatican City, Presidency of the Republic, Presidency of the Council of Ministers, Senate of the Republic.




An extraordinary team.

To achieve extraordinary feats, you need a great team. To obtain the best results, you need to bring out the best from every resource. Aware of the importance of a diverse and compact team, Forint has selected a young workforce of professionals full of passion and enthusiasm, sided by more experienced individuals with consolidated know-how.

A team that comes into play throughout the national territory and that boasts specialist skills and different profiles. Motivated experts united by common goals: providing effective and innovative solutions to meet all customers’ needs; best interpreting their goals, following them at every stage; cooperating with them in the definition of a visual identity through a specific professional apparel.

This is how you reach excellence. By going beyond it.


Mr. Paolo Tansini

Director of Sales

M +39 338 8569792


Dr. Giacomo Munaretto

Sales manager
Vicenza office

M +39 340 1551079


Dr. Claudio Priore

Roma office

M +39 337 1480455

A flexible and customised service

The most effective way to ensure a reliable and constant presence to our customers? Being an integral part of their daily reality.

That’s why we offer a flexible and customised service. A system that allows Forint to adapt to the structure and needs of each company organization.

Dedicated warehouses, home deliveries of custom kits with complete clothing for the employees, and even ad hoc offices for customers who need large volumes: these are just some of the strategies developed to repay the trust of those who chose Forint.

Why settle for a point of reference when you can have so much more?