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Forint offers a wide variety of garments and accessories for professional clothing for the transport industry.

We are confident that our clothing and accessories will become the face of your company.

So, your requirements are at the heart of every stage in our production system: from creating the uniforms to the choice of the best materials; from the measuring and storing of data to the precision garment making; as well as the efficient, tailor-made after-sales service with different storage and shipping options.


Forint understands that providing a service is much more than a gesture. it’s a mission. Forint can clothe all figures working in the transport industry.

In addition to setting up an ad hoc design strategy, we also have a vast catalogue of customizable models and different outfits for the same professional role which can be modified to suit the company’s style and character.




Flight attendants, Stewards

Office workers


Cruise ship companies

Captain, navigator, officials, cadets

Doctors, engineers, directors, managers

Waiting staff, tailors, sommeliers, bartenders

Musicians, DJs, performers

Railway companies

Passenger transport companies

Goods transport companies

Office workers, train drivers, controllers, Security staff, law enforcement agents, inspectors, workmen, drivers, forklift truck operators


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